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Universal SIM Card Support



Cannot make calls
1. Make sure your SIM card is properly installed. You must have unlocked GSM phone to use Atlas +44 SIM card, and the phone should support the network frequency. In Japan and South Korea you should have a 3G phone.
2. Make sure you are getting a network signal. Sometimes the network connection got lost. Take the battery out for a minute and put it back in. That should renew the network signal. If that did not help, find the network menu on your handset, select the "search network manually" option, and select a network with good signal from the list of networks. If you still can not find a network, and you have the original SIM from your carrier with you, try to insert it, and see if you can get a network signal. If you are getting a network signal, it is possible SimCardGlobal does not have a network agreement with the network in your area.
3. If there is no coverage or network not available, yet you know mobile services exist in the area. It is possible that SimCardGlobal does not have roaming agreements in that country. In USA we have agreements both with AT&T and T-Mobile.
4. Make sure you have credit in your account allowing you to make calls or receive calls. Credit is required in your account to receive inbound calls for non free roaming countries.
5. The Atlas +44 SIM card may be incompatible with certain handsets in it’s default mode. There is an entry for “Callback Application” in the SIM Menu. This will normally have a * digit before it to show that the Application is functioning correctly. If it has a \ digit in place of the * this means that the handset does not support the special Callback Application that is loaded onto the Atlas +44 SIM card. If you suspect that there are handset compatibility issues then it is necessary to dial a # after the telephone number when making a call. Do not however go into this menu and deactivate the Callback Application.
Cannot make calls in USA
1. Verify on the "Select Location" (sometimes called "Roaming Services") application, under the "Profile" (Sometimes called "SIM Menu") menu on your phone, you are set to "USA".
2. Your SIM card is working on any GSM or 3G network. However, in USA T-Mobile is the preferred network and it is highly recommended to switch manually to T-Mobile network. The "network selection" menu is usually under Settings --> phone settings, or something similar, depending on your phone.
Special instructions for travel to Italy
1. Set your profile to "Prime" (or Italy).
2. You should always connect to H3G (or 3ITA), Hutchison 3G network, or Vodafone while in Italy.
3. You can connect to Telecom Italia (TIM) on USA Profile as well.
Special instructions for travel to United Kingdom (UK)
1. Set your profile to "Prime"
2. You should always connect to either T-Mobile or Orange networks while in United kingdom.
Preferred Networks
In some countries it is better to use the following preferred networks to get the best reception quality. Follow the above instructions how to switch networks manually. When you leave a country in which you searched for a network manually, don’t forget to set your phone back to automatic detection of a network, so it will find a network automatically on your next destination.
1. Afghanistan: Etisalat
2. Australia: Optus or Telstra. No Vodafone
3. Brazil: TIM Brasil
4. Canada: Bell Mobility or Telus on USA Profile (3G phones only)
5. France: SFR or Orange
6. Italy: H3G or Vodafone on Prime Profile (3G phones only). Telecom Italia (TIM) on USA Profile
7. Mexico: Iusacell on USA Profile
8. Russia: Any carrier except Vimpelcom/Beeline
9. United Kingdom: Must use T-Mobile or Orange on Prime Profile
10. USA: T-Mobile on USA Profile
Call quality issues
In the unusual event that the quality of your call is poor, ensure you have a proper signal. If you have good signal the line may be at fault, please hang-up and redial. If that does not resolve the problem please try changing mobile networks. Refer to your handset manual for instructions to do this.
Changing Profiles
To swap between Profiles find "Profile" or "SIM Services" or "SIM Menu" in the handset menu (It has different names in different phones). Then click the "Roaming Services" entry, select the required Profile and save. In some models, the phone freeze after changing the profile. Take the battery and the SIM card out for 1-2 minutes, put them back in, restart the phone and repeat the process. Remember, you must restart your phone after changing profiles.
If the Profile menu does not pop up when you restart the phone and you can’t find the Profile menu on your phone Dial #988<send>. If it gives you error message, ignore it and just click on <end>. This should pop up your Profile menu, so you can switch to the desired profile.
Cannot send Short Text Messages (SMS)
The SMS settings on your phone might be incorrect when the phone does not write correctly the SMS-C number from the SIM into the phone. The SMS-C can be manually updated with the following steps. It is general Instructions which might be slightly different on your phone.
For "Global Roaming" SIM profile:
1. Go to the "messages menu"
2. Select "message settings"
3. Select "text messages"
4. Select "default profile"
5. On the "Message Center Number" key EXACTLY: +393358840000002
6. Save everything
7. Restart the phone
8. Send a test SMS in the format +country-area-number. For example +447700099999
For "USA Roaming" SIM profile:
1. Go to the "messages menu"
2. Select "message settings"
3. Select "text messages"
4. Select "default profile"
5. On the "Message Center Number" key EXACTLY: +19402389333
6. Save everything
7. Restart the phone
8. Send a test SMS in the format +country-area-number. For example +12124567890
Further Support
Check out for answers to your most common questions. Usually, you will find there answers to most questions. You can also dial *154# from your handset and talk to customer service representative. This is a paid call and the rate is from the country you are calling from to USA.
SimCardGlobal are committed to providing top quality Customer Support seven days a week. Please feel free to contact us using the "contact us" button at the top of the page for a prompt polite response.
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