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Buy an Atlas +44 international prepaid SIM card with United States and United Kingdom numbers (dual SIM), insert it into your unlocked GSM mobile phone and you are ready to talk to and from over 195 countries around the world. It's that simple! The ultimate solution for international travelers, businesses, expats, students, and backpackers.

$48 with service for a year


$250 air time credit will give you a free SIM card, a $48 discount

SimCardGlobal introduces Atlas +44, an innovative mobile prepaid service specifically designed to reduce the cost of mobile calls for international travelers using GSM and 3G phones. By using your global SIM card you will find huge savings on phone calls, SMS messages, and E-mail and data services used while overseas, with rates significantly lower than mobile companies.

Make low-cost calls, with outstanding quality, to over 195 countries, a true international coverage. You can forward to your global SIM card all calls from your current mobile number, and receive them wherever you are, worldwide. With our revolutionary dual SIM card you have a UK and USA number on the same prepaid SIM card so USA callers can call you on your USA number, a local call for them, and you will receive the call on your GSM phone wherever you are on the globe. All you need is an unlocked GSM or 3G phone that supports the frequency in the country you are traveling to.

Just replace the SIM card on your phone with our Atlas +44 global SIM card and you are connected to the world using our GSM and 3G global networks. Atlas +44 is a prepaid GSM service; we do not charge any additional fees on top of our published rates. Atlas +44 also provides advanced voicemail services and voicemail retrieval.
You need an unlocked GSM mobile phone with dual, triple or quad band to use Atlas +44 International SIM card. If you do not have GSM phone, or it is locked, we have plans that include a GSM phone with Atlas +44 SIM card already in.
Atlas +44 Global SIM Card Main Features:
  • Prepaid service
  • Our SIM cards fit any cell phone, Smartphone or Tablet including Mini SIM for older cell phones, Micro SIM for iPhone 4, iPad or similar devices and Nano SIM for iPhone 5.
  • Direct calls while in USA or Canada
  • Low international rates, especially in Europe
  • Save between 40% to 90% over mobile companies international rates
  • Global service in over 195 countries on 550 networks
  • Voicemail retrieval, anywhere in the world
  • Receive free SMS, anywhere in the world
  • Your prepaid SIM card or unused airtime credit never expires as long as your card is active
  • Global data and E-mail services on 305 networks in 133 countries
  • Unlimited participants on conference calls at reduced rates
  • Keep the same global mobile number (UK number) for life
  • Many advance options and services including web initiated calls at reduced rates
  • Account online access and call screening to control your expenses
  • Ability to automatically load additional airtime credit into your International SIM card
  • Call details and account history at no additional cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Detailed user guide
  • No connection fee
  • No service commitment
  • No minimum airtime credit in the account
  • No minimum monthly usage
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