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Coverage and SIM Profile Updates


As part of our ongoing investment in our core network and international roaming coverage we will be starting to roll out some additional networks via the “Prime” profile of the SIM cards along with some additional services and features.

Previously, the “Prime” profile had been used only for access to our mobile services whilst roaming in Italy. At this time when we open up a network on the “Prime” Profile it will no longer be accessible via the “Global” Profile.

The following networks are already on the “Prime” profile as of January 1, 2013:

  • Orange in United Kingdom
  • T-Mobile in United Kingdom
  • Hutchison 3G (H3G) in Italy

If you have problems accessing any of these networks on the “Global” Profile please connect via the “Prime” profile.

At this point, except Italy and United Kingdom, we are not going to be blocking access in a country completely on the Global Profile so you will still be able to use the service as currently and any existing documentation on our web site is valid. In the future, when more and more coverage will be provided via the “Prime Profile” we will update our documentation accordingly. We will communicate it on our web site on monthly basis.

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