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Atlas +44 Dual SIM Card User Guide

Getting Started
The enclosed Atlas +44 SIM card connects you to the SimCardGlobal global network.

Tear off the SIM from the plastic frame. We are sending Nano SIM card size and the package also includes 2 adapters for Mini SIM and Micro SIM size. We strongly recommend taping the Nano SIM to the adapter with clear cello tape so it will not shift within the cradle. Insert the SIM card into your phone. Keep the plastic card with you, because your phone number is on it and you might need it in the future to recover your PIN code.

Please note that this SIM card is fully compatible with all handset models including iPhone and BlackBerry. For special instructions how to operate your SIM card on iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry, Follow the links to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Your phone must be unlocked to use Atlas +44 SIM card. If you are getting messages like "SOS only" or "supply a (network) PIN", it means your phone is locked. If your phone is locked, contact your service provider to unlock it.
You also need to verify your phone support the network frequency in the country you are traveling to. To see the network frequency in various countries, please visit If your phone support 3G or is GSM quad-band, you are covered worldwide.
Switch your phone on and you should now be on a mobile network. If so, then call your SIM number from another phone as a quick test.
Your Atlas +44 UK mobile number is printed on the sticker on the SIM card we sent to you by mail. To keep the UK number assigned to you, you must connect to a network within 2 months from receiving the SIM card from us and you must make a call at least once a year. Otherwise, your UK number may be allocate to someone else and you will assign a new UK number upon connecting to a network.
Your USA number will be assigned to you on the first time you use your SIM card within USA under USA profile. A free text message (SMS) will be send to you automatically with the USA number. You can also dial short code *160# on your phone to allocate USA number while outside of USA, or to reallocate new USA number if you didn’t use your SIM card for over 60 days, as your USA number will expire if not used for over 60 days. Incoming calls to the USA number outside USA do not extend the expiration of the USA number. You can lock your USA number to be yours forever, for additional $10. Just notify us by Email, and we will deduct it from your airtime credit balance.

When dialing *133# both numbers displayed on your screen, and you are getting them via free SMS as well.

Receiving Calls
The Atlas +44 UK mobile number for your SIM card is printed on the card. Additionally, you will get an additional USA number, which is automatically allocated to you when you turn on your phone under USA profile, while in USA. Calls can be received on either the USA or UK numbers at any time in any country; however there will be an additional cost of $0.30 per minute for receiving calls on the USA number. It does not matter which Profile is active to receive calls. Please see more details on Profiles paragraph later.
Making Calls
Dial the number as normal, but in full international format like +4412345647890 for UK number or +13142223333 for US number and then press Send. Note you must dial “+country code” even while calling within the same country. Some phones require adding the # sign after the number, so you should dial +13142223333# if it does not work. In some handsets, like Samsung or old phones, the “+” is not working. You will need to dial “*” instead of “+”. 
1. You will see a message saying "Please Wait" or "Call Not Allowed". This is quite normal.
2. You will then receive an inbound call.
3. Answer the call - wait for a few seconds and you will be connected to the person you called.
Be patient as sometimes the connection, depend on the network, can take up to 30 seconds.
Customers who purchased their Atlas +44 SIM card after February 20, 2011 have the ability to make outgoing calls directly, without a call back. This feature is available only when using USA profile. To enable your SIM card for using direct dial, key #955<send>, it will show “Callback-off”. To disable direct dial, key #954<send>, it will show “Callback-on”. Your SIM will switch automatically to callback dial (Callback-on), when you switch to Global or Prime profile. Some phones might give an error message “not allowed by SIM”. If you get such a message, ignore it. The enable or disable operation had been performed, regardless of the error message.
In some newer Atlas +44 SIM card versions, your SIM will switch automatically to direct dial (Callback-off), when you switch to USA profile.
Quick Access Codes
102 Call divert on (To divert your calls dial: 102 number Send/Call)
103 Call divert off
121 Voicemail retrieval
122 Voicemail ON
123 Voicemail OFF
125 Voicemail status
133 Returns your mobile number
154 Customer service (Paid call from the country you are to USA)
187 Account balance
188 Switch off SMS balance notification
189 Switch on SMS balance notification
It is recommended that you use the example format below for dialing short codes as some handsets use short codes for speed dialing.

Examples: *121# *133# *154#

The short codes are the same whichever profile is active.
Call History and Itemized Billing
To log-on to your account go to our website at and click "My Account", or go to In the first time you will need to register, so click on the register button and fill in your details including Email address and password. This will be your login information in the future.

Once you are in, you will be able to see your balance. If you want to see additional information on your billing, calls made, change your profile or any other activity on your account, click on "Manage" and it will bring you an extended menu to handle it.

Add Credit 

Log-on to your account on our website at and click "Add Credit", or go to and follow the instructions. Your credit is added within minutes after your payment.


When you received your Atlas +44 SIM card voicemail is enabled on your account. If you want to turn it off you need to dial *123#. An inbound caller will be directed to voicemail if you don't answer within 30 seconds or if your phone is switched off. You will be sent a text message (SMS) indicating the presence of each voicemail.

To retrieve voicemail dial *121#. Click 1 for next message, 2 to repeat the message, 3 to delete the message.
To control voicemail, you have these options, Dial:
121 Access messages (plays in the order of last received)
122 Turns voicemail on
122xx Sets the time interval before voicemail starts. Default is 30 seconds
12245 = if no answer, voicemail begins after 45 seconds
123 Turn voicemail off
125 Check voicemail settings
Text Messaging
Your Atlas +44 SIM card fully supports standard text messaging (SMS) for incoming and outgoing messages. To send a text message, write your message as normal and make sure you are sending it in the same format like you are making a call, for example +61-41-123-4567. The message will be send from whatever profile you have currently active. See more on Profiles later. Text messages are received on either your UK or US number.
Data Services
Atlas +44 SIM card fully supports data services including sending and receiving Email and web surfing. By default, your SIM card is shipped with data services enabled. If you do not want your data services enable, please sent us an Email requesting to disable it. You can only use data services on Global Profile or while in Italy you must use Prime Profile for both voice and data.

To be able to use data services you need to setup the Data Connection on your mobile device. Define a new connection, give the new connection a name and set the APN field to globaldata. No need for username/password or any other parameters.

All data sessions are rounded up to the nearest 10KB value. So a session that used 146,347 Bytes will be billed for 150KB. Warning and Lock triggers notifications are generated if the warning level is crossed due to data services consumption, same as voice services. Your data session is terminating automatically when your airtime credit is below $5 and you will not be able to start new session until you add more airtime credit.

To find out our coverage and rates, check “Our Rates” page on our web site, or click on the link Use CTRL+ to enlarge the display on your screen. Atlas +44 SIM card can provide you with any speed your cell phone or the network can handle. So if you have a 2G cell phone it can give you GPRS or Edge speed. If you have a 3G cell phone, and you are connected to a 3G network, you will get a 3G speed, which can be 1.5MB per second and even more.

Please note: Some smart phones keep data sessions alive, even if the applications that require data usage are in the background. Some web pages or sites refresh automatically and this will consume data even if you are not aware of it. You are strongly encourage to switch off or disable data usage for all automatic polling services and those applications that may use data while they run in the background.

Caller ID

The outgoing Caller ID sent to the called party will be determined by whichever profile is active.

Call forwarding

You can redirect calls from your existing mobile to your Atlas +44 USA number or UK number so you never miss a call while you are away. You can also redirect your Atlas +44 number to any other numbers. Refer to our website for our rates.

Conference Calls

You can use your Atlas +44 SIM card to turn any call into a conference call. Once you have the first person on the line, simply dial #*3. You will then hear a voice prompt asking you to enter a new number. Within a couple of seconds that person will be added to your conference call. Repeat this sequence to add additional parties to the conference call.


For Nano SIM with Mini / Micro SIM adapter sold after September 25, 2013, you generally don’t need to change Profile on the SIM as the Profile is automatically selected. If you need to change profile, read below.

The Atlas +44 SIM card has three Profiles or Roaming Services. You must turn your phone off and back on after changing a profile.
1: Global
2: USA
3: Prime

The "Global" profile should be active when in all countries except the United States, United Kingdom and Italy. This is the default Profile.

The "USA" profile should be active only while in the United States. Switch to your USA profile only when arriving to USA. Your phone should work either on AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile networks. Some areas do not get good signal from AT&T and you might not be able to dial out. In these areas, switch your phone manually to T-Mobile. Find the "select network" menu on your handset, change it to manually and select T-Mobile.

The "Prime" profile should be active only while in United Kingdom and Italy. In Italy, you must be on H3G (Hutchison 3G) network and in United Kingdom either T-Mobile or Orange.
The default Profile is Global. Global and Prime will present the same UK outgoing Caller ID.

If the Profile menu does not pop up when you restart the phone and you can’t find the Profile menu on your phone Dial #988<send>. If it gives you error message, ignore it and just click on <end>. This should pop up your Profile menu, so you can switch to the desired profile.

Changing Profiles
When you turn on your phone you should see a menu with the three different profiles. Select the desire profile by clicking on it. In other version of the SIM card, the menu does not pop up when starting the phone, so to swap between Profiles, you need to find "SIM Services" or "SIM Menu" in the handset menu. Then click the "Roaming Services" entry, select the required Profile and save. The selected profile is marked with "*". In some models, the phone freeze after changing the profile. Take the battery and the SIM card out for 1-2 minutes, put them back in, restart the phone and repeat the process. Remember, you must restart your phone after changing profiles.
UK and USA number management 

Your UK number is assigned to you the moment you purchase your SIM card. This number always remains the same and active as long as your service is active. Your USA number will be assigned to you on the first time you use your SIM card within USA under USA profile. A free text message (SMS) will be send to you automatically with the USA number. You can also dial short code *160# on your phone, to allocate or reallocate USA number while outside of USA. As per FCC regulations, USA numbers might expire after 60 days of non-use. If you want to keep the same USA number active, you can do it in several ways: Use the phone with your USA number once every 60 days, open the phone for few minutes within USA on USA profile, or dial *160# once every 60 days to prevent your USA number from expiring. Otherwise, the next time you use your phone in USA under USA profile, a new number will be allocated to you. You can lock your USA number to be yours forever, for additional $10. 

Cannot make calls
1. Make sure your SIM card is properly installed. You must have unlocked GSM phone to use Atlas +44 SIM card, and the phone should support the network frequency. In Japan and South Korea you should have a 3G phone.
2. Make sure you are getting a network signal. Sometimes the network connection got lost. Take the battery out for a minute and put it back in. That should renew the network signal. If that did not help, find the network menu on your handset, select the "search network manually" option, and select a network with good signal from the list of networks. If you still cannot find a network, and you have the original SIM from your carrier with you, try to insert it, and see if you can get a network signal. If you are getting a network signal, it is possible SimCardGlobal does not have a network agreement with the network in your area.
3. If there is no coverage or network not available, yet you know mobile services exist in the area. It is possible that SimCardGlobal does not have roaming agreements in that country. In USA we have agreements both with AT&T and T-Mobile.
4. Make sure you have credit in your account allowing you to make calls or receive calls. Credit is required in your account to receive inbound calls for non free roaming countries.
5. The Atlas +44 SIM card may be incompatible with certain handsets in its default mode. In some SIM card versions there is an entry for “Callback Application” in the SIM Menu. This will normally have a * digit before it to show that the Application is functioning correctly. If it has a \ digit in place of the * this means that the handset does not support the special Callback Application that is loaded onto the Atlas +44 SIM card. If you suspect that there are handset compatibility issues then it is necessary to dial a # after the telephone number when making a call. Do not however go into this menu and deactivate the Callback Application.
Cannot make calls in USA
1. Verify on the "Select Location" (sometimes called "Roaming Services") application, under the "Profile" (Sometimes called "SIM Menu") menu on your phone, you are set to "USA".
2. Your SIM card is working on any GSM or 3G network. However, in USA T-Mobile is the preferred network and it is highly recommended to switch manually to T-Mobile network. The "network selection" menu is usually under Settings --> phone settings, or something similar, depending on your phone.
Preferred Networks
In some countries it is better to use the following preferred networks to get the best reception quality. Follow the above instructions how to switch networks manually. When you leave a country in which you searched for a network manually, don’t forget to set your phone back to automatic detection of a network, so it will find a network automatically on your next destination.
1. Afghanistan: Etisalat
2. Australia: Optus or Telstra. No Vodafone
3. Brazil: TIM Brasil
4. Canada: Bell Mobility or Telus on USA Profile (3G phones only)
5. France: SFR or Orange
6. Italy: H3G or Vodafone on Prime Profile (3G phones only). Telecom Italia (TIM) on USA Profile
7. Mexico: Iusacell on USA Profile
8. Russia: Any carrier except Vimpelcom/Beeline
9. United Kingdom: Must use T-Mobile or Orange on Prime Profile
10. USA: T-Mobile on USA Profile
Call quality issues
In the unusual event that the quality of your call is poor, ensure you have a proper signal. If you have good signal the line may be at fault, please hang-up and redial. If that does not resolve the problem please try changing mobile networks. Refer to your handset manual for instructions to do this.
Changing Profiles
To swap between Profiles find "Profile" or "SIM Services" or "SIM Menu" in the handset menu (It has different names in different phones). Then click the "Roaming Services" entry, select the required Profile and save. In some models, the phone freeze after changing the profile. Take the battery and the SIM card out for 1-2 minutes, put them back in, restart the phone and repeat the process. Remember, you must restart your phone after changing profiles.
Further Support
Check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" menu on the right hand side, or go to for answers to your most common questions. Usually, you will find answers to most of the things you need. You can also dial *154# from your handset and talk to customer service representative. This is a paid call and the rate is from the country you are calling from to USA.

SimCardGlobal are committed to providing top quality Customer Support seven days a week. Please feel free to contact us using the "contact us" button at the top of the page, or go to for a prompt polite response.

Atlas +44 Dual SIM Functionality
Standard two-way Calling
- low cost, mobile calling from any roaming location
- all the mobile phone features are fully supported
- works with CallKey approved late-model GSM phone (requires an unlocked phone)

Conference Calling

- instantly conference up to 16 participants, at low cost
- neither any call reservations, nor any conference bridges, are required
Billing / Help
- 60 Seconds minimum billing
- free itemized, online and real-time, calls’ details, including log of Voicemail calls
- Help Desk short code access

Integrated Voicemail

- receive multiple Voicemail messages at once – the Atlas +44 number never rings "busy"
- "Announcement Only" option (callers cannot leave messages when activated)
- online access allows the Customer to listen to his/her Voicemail from any internet-connected PC
- 90-day online storage / 5 minutes maximum Voicemail message length
- SMS (text message) notification, and selective retrieval, of new Voicemail messages

Online Access

Every mobile subscriber will be granted online credentials to access the following:
- manage intelligent call-forwarding
- manage voicemail functions (turn on/off set no. of rings to answer)
- call cost notifications (turn on/off)
- access Voicemail (using media player)
- view real-time Call Detail records
- initiate low-cost calls (using any phone) using the web call manager

Intelligent Call Forwarding:

- calls can be automatically routed to any telephone number, anywhere in the world
- multiple forwarding telephone numbers can be programmed (mobile, office, home, hotel etc.) - which can be dialed simultaneously, sequentially, or based on specific rules
- all forwarded numbers, and their access rules, are easy to change from either the mobile phone or from the Web

Customizable IVR

- Distributor can provide his own IVR prompt recordings

Advanced Services using the Web Interface

Advanced Services are simple to use and ideal for home use or while traveling. Advanced Services are designed to centralize and manage your communications, including directories and billing. All calls can be multi-party or just two-way calls that the Customer can escalate into n-way calls. A variety of CallKey Connect options are available, including:

Website: Standard web application allows universal access to the services. A large display featuring call lists also gives real-time status of calls in progress. Also included is a display showing time and running cost of the call.

Outlook: ™ A free TAPI plug-in (download) allows direct dialing from standard Outlook Contact List. Just click on a contact name / number and the call is automatically launched using network.

Mobile: By using SMS (text messaging), calls are initiated by direct number entry or by short codes (setup on the web) even to groups containing a list of people to make an instant conference.

CALLPLEX API may provide Distributor with an Application Program Interface ("API") (the "CallPlex" API product) to allow Distributor to manage Customer Services. Distributor will be required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement before will make the CallPlex API product available (Please contact the company)

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