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Frequently Asked Questions

About my Atlas +44 SIM Card
Using my mobile phone
About Us
Who is is a communication company committed to providing a quality, reliable telecommunication solutions for you while overseas, at a price everyone can afford and without exhausting commitments, restrictive plans. Think about it, one SIM card is all you need to travel the globe. It’s the most convenient and cost efficient method to make and receive calls on your mobile phone while abroad. Change your SIM card prior to your departure and stop paying exorbitant rates. No more costly surprises from your mobile carrier when you get back home.
How can save me money?
We signed lucrative deals with mobile operators around the world so our rates are much cheaper than the mobile companies and other similar web sites. In Europe our incoming calls in most countries are $0.12 per minute.
General Questions

What is GSM?
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication, but the simple everyday meaning is that it is a phone that can easily roam between different networks. A phone that does not support GSM cannot connect to a network that it's not part of. Phones that do not support GSM technology are not suitable for use on trips abroad.
What is roaming between networks?
When you are abroad and your phone goes out of range of the network to which it is connected to, it connects to a different network. Doing this is called “roaming” from one cellular network to another. Roaming charges are the phone activity that have made on the network to which you roamed, air time tariffs, call setups, and connection and billing to your original network.
What frequencies GSM phones are using?
GSM phones use four different frequencies worldwide. GSM networks in North and South America operate at frequencies of 850 or 1900 MHz, while most networks in other countries operate at frequencies of 900 or 1800 MHz. Every country in the world has 3G services but Japan and South Korea operate only on 3G technology at 2100 MHz. We recommend 3G, 4G or quad band mobile phones for most international travelers. Since these wireless devices operate on all four of the international GSM frequencies, you ensure the broadest international coverage available. A "tri-band" phones that covers 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz might be enough for most countries. Please check the frequency at your destination country before you travel to make sure your phone supports it. The web site can provide you this information.
Why are roaming charges abroad so expensive?
When you use your phone abroad you are serviced by a network that "does not recognize" you. Since this network has no interest in keeping you as clients, or giving you discounts, they just treat you as tourist. Cellular operators abroad make billions of dollars from airtime from tourists like us. The idea of a local or international SIM card is to allow us not to pay exorbitant tourist tariffs, while also making dialing much easier.
What is a SIM card?
A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is a smart card that can store user information on a cellular phone, such as personal details, user settings, phone numbers, messages, textual information, and multimedia. A SIM card can send and receive settings and information from the network and the user phone. The SIM card is usually located in the back inner part of the cellular device, behind or near the battery, and can be taken out and replaced if the phone is not locked.
What is a "SIM lock", or a locked mobile phone?
A "SIM lock" is in essence locking the cellular device from roaming between networks. The reason that the cellular providers lock their devices is that users use only their network and won't roam to other providers and spend money with them. When the cellular device is "locked", the SIM card inside does not connect to different providers.
What is a local SIM card?
A local SIM card is a SIM card that belongs to a certain network in a specific country. For example, a local SIM card in Spain allows you to talk in Spain, and be charged local rates, as opposed to tourist rates (i.e. roaming charges). When you travel to a certain country and put in your device a local SIM card for that country, you are in affect forgoing your agreement with your local provider back home, and using the device to pay local rates.
What is an International SIM card?
International SIM card is SIM card that works in more than one country, sometimes over 180 countries. This SIM card works using the infrastructure of international companies, and allows you to roam with your SIM card between countries and take advantage of the local agreements between the carriers. Every international SIM card has more effective countries, along with countries that prefer not to allow coverage. The power of the international SIM card lies in two main advantages: Firstly, the providers of the card are able to procure good local rates with the partner carriers, such as low rate outgoing calls. Secondly, purchasing of this is suitable for people that are not interested in buying local SIM card in every country they go to, but rather to buy one card for all of Europe for example. has international SIM cards, which works in over 195 countries, over 45 of them with free or $0.05 and under on incoming calls, and huge savings abroad.
What is Dual SIM card?
A dual SIM mobile phone is one which has two SIM. Dual-SIM adapters are available to allow cell phones to contain two SIMs, and to switch from one to the other as required. Some phones are designed to work with two SIMs, both of which may be active at the same time. Dual-SIM operation allows the use of two services without the need to carry two phones at the same time. For example, the same handset can be used for business and private use with separate numbers and bills; or for travel, with an additional SIM for the country visited.
About my Atlas +44 SIM Card
How do I unlock the SIM lock?
In order to unlock the SIM lock or "SIM-Free" as it’s called by the cellular providers, you need to contact your cellular provider and ask for a SIM unlock. The provider is required to implement this unlock, consisting of entering a code, and may sometimes incur a fee. We do not recommend it, but there are guides on the internet which tell you how to unlock the phone independently, without the services of the cellular provider. You can type the words "SIM Free" in a search engine, and some of the relevant results will instruct you in unlocking the phone. is one of the web sites that can provide you with this service. We acknowledge that in order to use a foreign SIM, there is no choice but for the cellular providers to unlock the phone.
How do I change a SIM in my mobile phone?
So you purchased a new SIM card, and flew abroad, now that you land what do you do? How do you make the change itself?

In general this is done according to the manufacturer's direction for the phone, but a rule of thumb states that: You turn off the device, change the card, and turn the device back on. The SIM card is usually located in the back part of the device behind the battery so that you need to power it down before you switch.

How much does it cost to join
Atlas +44 SIM card cost $39 + $25 initial airtime. You receive a new SIM card, service for a year and detailed instructions. You can add addiitional airtime credit in multiples of $25. Atlas +44 is a pre-paid card.
How long will my service last?
When you purchase Atlas +44 from it is good for one year. Toward the end of your service period you will be reminded to renew your service for additional year. The reminder will be sent to you by E-mail. The cost for renewing the service is $21 for one additional year, $38 for two additional years and $50 for three additional years.

Where can I use my SimCardGlobal Atlas SIM cards?
Your Atlas +44 SIM cards can be used in over 195 countries. In Europe incoming calls in most countries are $0.12 per minute.

Can I keep my SimCardGlobal Atlas SIM cards and use it again?
Yes! You can use your Atlas +44 SIM card in any country we have coverage and service as many times as you like. However, unless you renew your service, it will expire after 12 months. If you wish to keep it going don’t forget to renew your service. The cost for renewing the service is $21 for one additional year, $38 for two additional years and $50 for three additional years.
Can I send or receive SMS anywhere in the world?
You can send SMS from any country listed on our web site, under "our rates". It also specified the countries where you can receive SMS. SimCardGlobal provides SMS services in over 180 countries.

Do I have voicemail on my SimCardGlobal Atlas SIM cards?
Yes! You have voicemail and many other useful features like conference calls, call recording, intelligent call forwarding and more. Check the instructions on your welcome package how to retrieve messages from your voicemail.
Is it really so inexpensive?
Yes, the call rate air time variations from country to country are quite small. In order to determine exactly what the call inter-country call rate is, click on our rate calculator.
What do I get with the card?
The start up kit includes a preloaded SIM card. The value loaded on the card is entirely up to you, in multiples of $25.
How have you managed to achieve such low rates?
The roaming agreements, the low rates and the excellent service are all provided by reputable mobile phone carrier in United Kingdom, that is why the Atlas +44 has a United Kingdom mobile number.
Is it true that the card remains mine after I return home from my trip?
Yes that is correct, the card remain valid for one year from the initial activation date and provides the facility to extend that period further.
How to pay using my credit card?
You can pay for the SIM card you purchased with your credit or debit card by using our secured service. Click on "Buy SIM" and proceed to the checkout page. If you are not a registered customer yet, you will have to register first. Unless you asked not to save your credit / debit card information, it will be maintained on our secured server, for future adding airtime credit.
What is your return policy? 
If Atlas +44 SIM card was not activated, and returned to us within 14 days of the shipping date, we will give the customer full refund, excluding the Shipping & Handling cost and $10 restocking fee.
What are the PIN and PUK codes? 
PIN and PUK codes are used for your safety. They allow you to access your SIM and protect its use from anyone else. When you receive your SIM card the PIN code is printed on it. You must unlock your phone before you can use it. PUK codes are provided on the SIM card as well, just in case you enter the incorrect PIN code more than 13 times by mistake. If you do, your phone will lock itself for security reasons and you will have to enter your PUK code so it will be unlocked for you to enter the correct PIN code again. Please memorize your PIN and keep the PIN and the PUK in a secured location. If you are using your PUK more than 3 times to recover your PIN, it will lock itself forever. Normally, you do not need the PIN to operate the SIM with your phone.

Using my mobile phone

How do I make a call?
To reduce the cost of the call uses a process known as a Call back. After you have dialed the number you wish to call the system calls you back and as a second step connects you to the other party. You will not be charged if the other party did not answer. You must follow the calling instructions including adding the “+” button.
1. Dial the number with the + and international dial code, even if you are in the same country. For example, to dial the United Kingdom number 48-996-0199 from anywhere in the world you will need to dial +44489960199.
2. Your phone will display a Calling… message. If it displays error messages as well, ignore them.
3. Your phone will ring within a few seconds.
4. Answer the call and you are connected to the other party.

What is adding credit?
If you bought the Atlas +44 pre-paid SIM card, you have airtime calling credit on your account. If the credit is running low, and you didn’t use the “automatic recharge” option, you will need to add credit to your account. You will be notified by SMS or E-mail if your credit is running low, based on the parameter you set when you opened your account. By default, the system send a warning when you reach an airtime credit balance of $10 or below. 

How do I add extra credit?
While on our web site click on the Add Credit button, type your SIM card number and add airtime credit. Or, you can login into your account, and select the SIM card you want to add airtime credit. You can add up credit from anywhere in the world and you do not need to have an account or access your account to add credit. Credit is available in $25 denominations. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can also register to our automatic recharge service, which will recharge your account automatically by amount selected, when your airtime credit falls below the threshold level.

How long does my credit last?
Your credit last as long as your card is active. If your card expired, your credits expired as well.

Do you charge roaming charges or connection fees?
Unlike other SIM card providers, does not charge a daily connection fee. By purchasing one of our plans, you can talk anywhere around the world without “hidden fees” like roaming charges, connection fees or any other additional charge.
Can people call me on my existing mobile number?
Sure. If you have a voicemail or answering service with your current mobile service you can leave a message while overseas with your Atlas +44 and callers can call you directly wherever you are. Or, you can redirect your call to the number on your SIM card. That way, you will never miss a call. Since Atlas +44 has additional USA number on it, you can forward your calls to a number within the USA, and it will be forwarded to you wherever you are. Check your phone manual how to forward calls.
Can I give my new phone number to my family and business associates?
Sure, this is the whole idea. Your SIM card stays with you as long as it is active, and people calling you at that number will reach you wherever you are.
Can I choose my new number?
No, an available number will be allocated to you.
Is conference calling available on your service?
With Atlas +44 you can have unlimited amount of people on a conference call at one time.
Can I browse the web or get E-mail with my phone?
Atlas +44 has data capabilities so you can get E-mail, surf the web, or download whatever you want. Our rates are excellent in Europe, North America and many other countries. However, in some countries you might find they are higher from what you would expect. We are working with various operators to lower the cost of data services so it will be more affordable. As soon as we get more competitive rates, we will publish the new rates on our web site and the service will be available to you. You can check here our current data rates.
Can I dial emergency number using my SIM card?
112 is the international emergency GSM standard and you can dial it with any GSM phone even without a SIM card.
Can I SMS through web site?
This feature is not available yet.
Is my credit card number stored safely?
We store credit card numbers encrypted in our data base. The web site and security were checked and approved by Visa, MasterCard and American Express before they approved us as customers and gave us the permission to do online transactions. In addition these details are passed only in real-time, in a secure manner, to the credit card clearing service provider, who is also approved by the above mentioned credit card companies. See our Site Certificate by "Security Metrics" at the bottom of each page on our web site.
How to set up Atlas +44 SIM card on my iPhone? 
First, you need to take the existing SIM card out of your iPhone. This is a little tricky, as you need a pin to remove the SIM holder out of your iPhone. Follow the instructions on your iPhone manual or see a demo at Once you replaced the SIM card you can go to "Setting / Phones / SIM Application" and update your profile, if needed. Atlas +44 SIM card had been tested to work with any iPhone or iPad model. If you have iPhone 4 or iPad that require Micro SIM, you can request us to ship a Micro SIM when we process your order.
What kind of SIM do I need? 
Our SIM cards fit any cell phone, Smartphone or Tablet including Mini SIM for older cell phones, Micro SIM for iPhone 4, iPad or similar devices and Nano SIM for iPhone 5.
Older devices currently in the market are using regular SIM size called "Mini SIM".

Newer devices are using a smaller SIM size called "Micro SIM". Below is a partial list of devices with Micro SIM.

  • iPad versions 1/2/3
  • iPhone versions 4/4S 
  • Motorola Droid Razr (Spyder)
  • Nokia Lumia 710 
  • Nokia Lumia 800 
  • Nokia N9 
  • Panasonic P-02D Lumix 3D phone 
  • Sony Xperia S 
  • HTC One S 
  • HTC One X 
  • Samsung Galaxy S iii
  • Samsung Galaxy S iv
  • Google Nexus 4

iPhone 5 is using an even smaller SIM called "Nano SIM". Atlas +44 SIM card supports Nano SIM as well. 

How to set up Atlas +44 SIM card on my BlackBerry? 
With BlackBerry, like any other phone, you just need to replace the SIM card and start talking. After you put the SIM in your BlackBerry you will see an icon was added to the main screen so you can control the SIM menu and change profiles. If the Profile menu does not pop up when you restart the phone and you can’t find the Profile menu on your phone, Dial #988<send>. If it gives you error message, ignore it and just click on <end>. This should pop up your Profile menu, so you can switch to the desired profile.
Please note that BlackBerry has its own operating system, which in some models, does not allow access by any application not manufactured by Research In Motion, the manufacturers of BlackBerry. Therefore, Applications like Enterprise Mail or BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will not work using Atlas +44 SIM card.
What is my SIM phone number and how do I keep it? 
Your UK number is assigned to you the moment you purchase your SIM card. This number always remains the same and active as long as your service is active. Your USA number will be assigned to you on the first time you use your SIM card within USA or Canada under USA profile. A free text message (SMS) will be send to you automatically with the USA number. You can also dial short code *160# on your phone, to allocate or reallocate USA number while outside of USA.
As per FCC regulations, USA numbers might expire after 60 days of non-use. If you want to keep the same USA number active, you can do it in several ways: Use the phone with your USA number once every 60 days, open the phone for few minutes within USA or Canada on USA profile, or dial *160# once every 60 days to prevent your USA number from expiring. Otherwise, the next time you use your phone in USA or Canada under USA profile, a new number will be allocated to you.
You can lock your USA number to be yours forever, for additional $10. Just send us an Email, and we will lock it for you by deducting $10 from your airtime credit.
Can other callers call me from Skype? 
Currently, Atlas +44 SIM card does NOT support incoming calls from Skype on the UK number. You can call the US number from Skype.
How do I set Hotspot on my iPhone?  
The article gives a good review how to "Set Up and Use iPhone Personal Hotspot".
On the iPhone:
1. Enter 'Settings'
2. Choose 'Personal Hotspot'
3. From this screen, turn on 'Personal Hotspot'
4. Choose a password for the hotspot
5. Enter your Atlas +44 SIM card into your iPhone and set the APN=globaldata

On the computer:
1. Connect to a Wi-Fi network named 'User's iPhone', or whatever you selected
2. Enter the password you chose on the iPhone
3. At this point, you're all set to use your computer for Email or surf the web thru your iPhone
You can use similar method for other brands as well.
Why my calls charged higher than you published? 
In some countries we are giving the ability to call premium numbers as well. Premium numbers are for special services like "prayer line" or "joke of the day" and are charged at higher rate. We publish the rate on Our Rates page as "Premium". We do not determine these numbers, they are determined by our international carrier British Telecom. British Telecom sets up the phone number prefixes which will be charged as premium. Sometimes the prefix range might include regular residential or business numbers as well. We do not have control over the list!  
Below is the premium prefix list for USA:
12072, 12073, 12074, 120750, 120751, 120752, 120753, 120754, 1207553, 1207554, 120756, 120757, 120758, 120759, 12076, 12077, 12078, 12079, 12082, 12083, 12084, 120850, 120851, 120852, 120853, 120854, 1208554, 1208558, 120856, 120857, 120858, 120859, 12086, 12087, 12088, 12089, 12172, 12173, 12174, 121750, 121751, 121752, 121753, 121754, 121756, 121757, 121758, 121759, 12176, 12177, 12178, 12179, 12182, 12183, 12184, 121850, 121851, 121852, 121853, 121854, 121856, 121857, 121858, 121859, 12186, 12187, 12188, 12189, 12702, 12703, 12704, 127050, 127051, 127052, 127053, 127054, 127056, 127057, 127058, 127059, 12706, 12707, 12708, 12709, 13042, 13043, 13044, 130450, 130451, 130452, 130453, 130456, 130457, 130458, 130459, 13046, 13047, 13048, 13049, 13072, 13073, 13074, 130750, 130751, 130752, 130753, 130754, 130756, 130757, 130758, 130759, 13076, 13077, 13078, 13079, 13082, 13083, 13084, 130850, 130851, 130852, 130853, 130854, 130856, 130857, 130858, 130859, 13086, 13087, 13088, 13089, 13192, 13193, 13194, 131950, 131951, 131952, 131953, 131954, 131956, 131957, 131958, 131959, 13196, 13197, 13198, 13199, 13202, 13203, 13204, 132050, 132051, 132052, 132053, 132054, 1320554, 1320556, 1320558, 132056, 132057, 132058, 132059, 13206, 13207, 13208, 13209, 14062, 14063, 14064, 140650, 140651, 140652, 140653, 140654, 1406554, 1406557, 140656, 140657, 140658, 140659, 14066, 14067, 14068, 14069, 15072, 15073, 15074, 150750, 150751, 150752, 150753, 150754, 1507550, 1507551, 1507552, 1507553, 1507554, 1507556, 1507557, 1507558, 1507559, 150756, 150757, 150758, 150759, 15076, 15077, 15078, 15079, 15302, 15303, 15304, 153050, 153051, 153052, 153053, 153054, 153056, 153057, 153058, 153059, 15306, 15307, 15308, 15309, 15632, 15633, 15634, 156350, 156351, 156352, 156353, 156354, 1563552, 156356, 156357, 156358, 156359, 15636, 15637, 15638, 15639, 15702, 15703, 15704, 157050, 157051, 157052, 157053, 157054, 1570553, 157056, 157057, 157058, 157059, 15706, 15707, 15708, 15709, 15752, 15753, 15754, 157550, 157551, 157552, 157553, 157554, 1575551, 1575557, 157556, 157557, 157558, 157559, 15756, 15757, 15758, 15759, 15802, 15803, 15804, 158050, 158051, 158052, 158053, 158054, 158056, 158057, 158058, 158059, 15806, 15807, 15808, 15809, 16052, 16053, 16054, 160550, 160551, 160552, 160553, 160554, 1605552, 1605557, 160556, 160557, 160558, 160559, 16056, 16057, 16058, 16059, 16062, 16063, 16064, 160650, 160651, 160652, 160653, 160654, 1606551, 1606558, 160656, 160657, 160658, 160659, 16066, 16067, 16068, 16069, 16202, 16203, 16204, 162050, 162051, 162052, 162053, 162054, 162056, 162057, 162058, 162059, 16206, 16207, 16208, 16209, 16412, 16413, 16414, 164150, 164151, 164152, 164153, 1641551, 1641552, 164156, 164157, 164158, 164159, 16416, 16417, 16418, 16419, 16602, 16603, 16604, 166050, 166051, 166052, 166053, 166054, 166056, 166057, 166058, 166059, 16606, 16607, 16608, 16609, 17012, 17013, 17014, 170150, 170151, 170152, 170153, 170154, 1701553, 1701558, 1701559, 170156, 170157, 170158, 170159, 17016, 17017, 17018, 17019, 17122, 17123, 17124, 171250, 171251, 171252, 171253, 171254, 1712551, 1712552, 171256, 171257, 171258, 171259, 17126, 17127, 17128, 17129, 17152, 17153, 17154, 171550, 171551, 171552, 171553, 171554, 171556, 171557, 171558, 171559, 17156, 17157, 17158, 17159, 17852, 17853, 17854, 178550, 178551, 178552, 178553, 178554, 1785557, 178556, 178557, 178558, 178559, 17856, 17857, 17858, 17859, 18022, 18023, 18024, 180250, 180251, 180252, 180253, 180254, 1802556, 180256, 180257, 180258, 180259, 18026, 18027, 18028, 18029, 18062, 18063, 18064, 180650, 180651, 180652, 180653, 180654, 1806550, 180656, 180657, 180658, 180659, 18066, 18067, 18068, 18069, 18142, 18143, 18144, 181450, 181451, 181452, 181453, 181454, 1814551, 1814552, 1814557, 181456, 181457, 181458, 181459, 18146, 18147, 18148, 18149, 18702, 18703, 18704, 187050, 187051, 187052, 187053, 187054, 1870552, 1870553, 187056, 187057, 187058, 187059, 18706, 18707, 18708, 18709, 19072, 19073, 19074, 190750, 190751, 190752, 190753, 190754, 1907551, 1907552, 190756, 190757, 190758, 190759, 19076, 19077, 19078, 19079
Common Problems
I cannot make calls. Why? 
There are several reasons why you cannot make calls. Most of them are initial setup issue. For troubleshooting please click on the Support tab at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
I have forgotten my website password. What do I do?
You can have your password emailed out to you by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the "My Account" login page.
I have forgotten my number. What do I do? 
With Atlas +44 SIM card in your phone dial *133# and you will get SMS with your number.
I lost my SIM card. Can I deactivate my SIM card? 
Access your account and send E-mail to Support from the web site. Add identification information so we can identify you and deactivate your account.
How can I contact 
Click on "Contact Us" on our web site and fill the "Contact Form". We usually respond within 12-24 hours. You can also dial short code *154# on your mobile phone to talk to a customer service representative. This is a paid call with rates as a call to USA from the country you are in.
I am in France and cannot make outgoing calls 
Make sure you are on SFR or Orange network, as the other networks are weak. If you are not on one if these two networks, switch to it manually. Find the network menu on your handset and search for networks. Once you see the list of networks, select either SFR or Orange.
I cannot find the SIM menu on my Samsung or HTC phone 
Samsung and HTC phones are known to have compatibility issues. Some of these issues can be bypassed. For example, dialing a + before the number is not working, but you can dial * instead. In some Samsung phones you cannot switch your profile from the default "Global Roaming" to another profile. Sometimes, you cannot even see the SIM menu and get a message like "Invalid SIM". So, if the Profile menu does not pop up when you restart the phone and you can’t find the Profile menu on your phone, Dial #988<send>. If it gives you error message, ignore it and just click on <end>. This should pop up your Profile menu, so you can switch to the desired profile.
I can not find the SIM menu on my phone running Android operating system 
On phones running Android operating system version 2.1 and above, you can find the SIM menu on the main menu and it called "SIM Tool Kit".
I am not getting data services 
First, make sure you set up your cell phone or tablet correctly. To be able to use data services you need to setup the Data Connection on your mobile device. Define a new connection, give the new connection a name and set the APN field to globaldata. No need for username/password or any other parameters.
To read more on how to set up your data services, go to
Make sure you are connecting to a network that we are providing data services in the country you are. The file on our web site gives you the networks and rates in each country.
About our partners

Who are our partners? 
To see the current list of business partners visit
Our coverage
Which countries do you serve? 
With Atlas +44 dual SIM card you can get service in the following countries:

Our Coverage

Atlas +44 Coverage:
Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra
Angola Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Argentina
Armenia Aruba Australia Austria
Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh
Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize
Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil British Virgin Islands
Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi
Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde
Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chile
China Colombia Comoros Congo, Democratic Republic
Congo, Republic Costa Rica Croatia Cuba
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti
Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador
Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Estonia
Ethiopia Faroe Islands Fiji Finland
France French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon
Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana
Gibraltar Greece Greenland Grenada
Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras
Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India
Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland
Israel Italy Ivory Coast Jamaica
Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya
Kossovo Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos
Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia
Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Macau Macedonia Madagascar Malawi
Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta
Martinique Mauritania Mauritius Mayotte
Mexico Moldova Monaco Mongolia
Montenegro Montserrat Morocco Mozambique
Myanmar Namibia Nepal Netherlands
Netherlands Antilles New Caledonia New Zealand Nicaragua
Niger Nigeria Northern Cyprus Norway
Oman Pakistan Palestinian Authority Panama
Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar
Reunion Romania Russia Rwanda
Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa
Sao Tome and Principe Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia
Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia Somalia South Africa South Korea
South Sudan Spain Sri Lanka Sudan
Suriname Swaziland Sweden Switzerland
Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand
Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia
Turkey Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands Uganda
Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States
United States - AT&T (Global Profile) Uruguay USA Virgin Islands Uzbekistan
Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Yemen
Zambia Zimbabwe
Important: Since Japan and South Korea have 3G networks, although Atlas +44 SIM card works on the 3G networks, regular GSM phones do not operate in these countries. For a list of handsets that operate in Japan click
World GSM and 3G networks
For full and up to date GSM coverage please check
To find out the specification of your phone and which frequencies (band) it operates, please check
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