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$48 with service for a year

$250 air time credit will give you a free SIM card, a $48 discount


Gap Travel Guide customers:

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Atlas +44 Global SIM Card is truly "The Global SIM Card" to have on your next out of the country trip! It is a pre-paid dual SIM with USA and UK numbers. When your airtime credit is low you will get a notification by Email or SMS to reload your airtime credit. Or, you can set an automatic reload to avoid running out of airtime minutes.

Our Global SIM Card supports almost any brand and model of your mobile phone, including the latest models of iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, Android, Samsung or any other brand. 

Atlas +44 Global SIM Card Main Features:
• Prepaid service gives you control over your expenses
• Our SIM cards fit any cell phone, Smartphone or Tablet including Mini SIM for older cell phones, Micro SIM for iPhone 4, iPad or similar devices and Nano SIM for iPhone 5. 
• Save between 40% to 90% over mobile companies global rates
• Global service in over 195 countries worldwide on 550 networks
• Unlimited free incoming calls in over 65 countries
• Receive free SMS, wherever you are
• Your Global SIM card or unused airtime credit never expires as long as your card is active
• Global data and Email services on 305 networks in 133 countries
• No service commitment or contract
• Detailed user guide, on-line and in PDF format

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