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Helpful Links For International Travelers


On this page we have gathered for you a collection of links to sites that hold a wealth of information pertaining toInternational telecommunication, cellular communication, and other general information that might interest travelers.

If you think that there are other sites that warrant inclusion on this page, please send them to us so that we can check them out.

  • GSM World Coverage Map - A web site for time zones, GSM bands information by country and more. Here you can find the frequencies active in all countries, coverage maps, and more.  
  • Mobile World Live - A web site for GSM Roaming and Coverage Maps for every country. List of the networks in any country and network information.
  • GSM Arena - A web site that will help you to choose a phone or verify information on your existing phone. You can see the phone features, like operating frequencies of the phone, compare it against other phones and get some user opinions. You can also find network coverage for any country. You can't buy phones on this site.  
  • T-Mobile Coverage  - Maps showing T-Mobile coverage in United States and Canada. 

Information for the Traveler abroad:

  • Maps of the World - Google maps feature search based information on cities, tourist sites, and other relevant information
  • Global restaurants - International search engine to locate restaurants by country, area, or city
  • Kosher restaurants - Don't know if the restaurant that you were invited to is Kosher? Type in the name and location and you will receive an answer from the world most up to date kosher database.
  • World Electric guide - A site that includes illustrations of the kinds of electrical sockets around the globe
  • What's on Where - What's happening across the world, a local guide for the worldwide traveler. Updated on a daily basis to let you know what you need about various destinations.
  • Tickets now - a site that coordinates all the major ticket outlets into one comfortable place.
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