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Buy Now is offering Atlas +44 dual SIM card with USA and UK numbers on the same card and service in most countries around the world, excellent call quality and very low rates. Once you buy and make your first call on your SIM card it is active as long as you keep your service. The card has many features including voicemail and automatic air time credit reloads.  
Atlas +44 Dual SIM Card

Atlas +44 is a pre-paid dual SIM with USA and UK numbers.

$48 with service for a year


$250 air time credit will give you a free SIM card, a $48 discount

Atlas +44 is a unique new Dual-SIM card. This SIM card has two different phone numbers on it. The first one is a United Kingdom number (country code +44) and the second one is a United States number (country code +1).

Atlas +44 works in over 195 countries with very low rates for traveling to Europe. While in the US, use the US number and since most of the callers in the US have a free Long-distance calling plan, calls to you, and by you, are very cheap. Other people can call you either to the +44 number or +1, whatever is more convenient or cheaper. Either way, you will get the call wherever you are on the move.

This Dual-SIM also has very competitive rates for the rest of the world.

Atlas +44 is a prepaid mobile phone service. You load your account with airtime credit and your airtime credit will be reduced for each call you make. Once the airtime credit reaches a low threshold you set, you will get a notification by E-mail or SMS to reload your airtime credit, or you can set an automatic reload to avoid running out of airtime minutes.

You are able to check your airtime credit left, calls made, change your profile and many other things any time using our sophisticated user interface. Your balance updates within few seconds after you hang up.
Our Global SIM Card supports almost any brand and model of your mobile phone, including the latest models of iPhone, BlackBerry and HTC, as well as Android operating system.
Atlas +44 Global SIM Card Main Features:
  • Prepaid service
  • Our SIM cards fit any cell phone, Smartphone or Tablet including Mini SIM for older cell phones, Micro SIM for iPhone 4, iPad or similar devices and Nano SIM for iPhone 5.
  • Direct calls while in USA or Canada
  • Low international rates, especially in Europe
  • Save between 40% to 90% over mobile companies international rates
  • Global service in over 195 countries on 550 networks
  • Voicemail retrieval, anywhere in the world
  • Receive free SMS, anywhere in the world
  • Your prepaid SIM card or unused airtime credit never expires as long as your card is active
  • Global data and Email services on 305 networks in 133 countries
  • Unlimited participants on conference calls at reduced rates
  • Keep the same global mobile number (UK number) for life
  • Many advance options and services including web initiated calls at reduced rates
  • Account on line access and call screening to control your expenses
  • Ability to automatically load additional airtime credit into your International SIM card
  • Calls details and account history at no additional cost
  • Easy to operate
  • Detailed user guide
  • No connection fee
  • No service commitment
  • No minimum airtime credit in the account
  • No minimum monthly usage

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