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Testimonials by SimCardGlobal Users

Below please find testimonials of some of our satisfied customers and web site reviews, as published in other web site.
It is great to be able to call someone, October 22, 2017
By Stephenn (Hillsboro, Oregon, United States)
I do not use my phone often but when I am in an emergency situation like right now, it is great to be able to call someone who is expecting me to tell them I am going on a different flight. My flight from Kigali to Nairobi was cancelled and I had to communicate a new arrival time. It was very good to have the SIM. 
SIM card have worked perfectly for over a year, November 2, 2014
By Marty (Bellmore, New York, United States)

I have used this SIM card in my older Samsung A927 for over a year and it has worked perfectly. Set up was easy and support from the company has been great. Emails are answered quickly and all my questions have been professionally addressed. I recently used it for two weeks in France and another two weeks in Vancouver, BC. I have had no trouble connecting to the best local carriers during my travels.

The dual USA (940 area code)/UK (+44) phone numbers are perfect for my needs. Easy to go online and access my account or add minutes. I have found rates to be competitive and the instructions for using the phone are clear cut. My family can contact me all over the world and it's just a local call for them.

Thank you SimCardGlobal!

SIM card have been a total life saver, February 25, 2014
By Tracy Lea (Taneytown, Maryland, United States)

The phones have been a total life saver for my son in Mallorca, Spain. No internet was available so these phones were his life line! You should pitch your service to parents of kids going to Europe on spring and summer trips with schools and churches.

I would be willing to be quoted as a real parent and how your company is totally great. My other kid will be headed to Prague this June so he and his coach will take the phones.

Pleased with my dual SIM card, February 29, 2012 
By Luigi Nisdeo (Brockport, New York, United States)
I have to say that so far I am pleased with my dual SIM card. No problems with connections or hearing or being heard from the other party. One thing though. I wish the rates were just a bit lower. Time goes by so fast and the minutes just zoom by. Anyway, thyanks for a great product.
A truly cost-effective communication solution, October 2, 2011
By Richard Eason (Bruce, Australian Capital Territory, Australia)
I have just spent nine weeks in the US, western Europe and the UK. Before leaving my office in Australia, I replaced the Australian SIM card in my unlocked iPhone 4 with one from SIMcardGlobal. The cost of doing that was small. The phone calls turned out to be very cheap by comparison with the global roaming charges I would have incurred if I had used my Australian SIM card. And the service from SIMcardGlobal was readily available and really helpful.

A truly cost-effective communication solution for international travellers!

Thank you.

Excellent Customer Service and a Fantastic Product, June 28, 2011
By Kevin Lopes (Dover, Delaware, United States)
My travels take me throughout the world (Middle East and Africa) and contact back to my home company and family is very important. This SIM card product is the best on the market. Not only it works everywhere as advertised, the customer service and feedback by them is probably the best I have ever encountered. They are helpful with any question whether big or small....the biggest plus is their follow up. I truly believe that any firm whether large or small would be wise to use this item. The cost is minimal and no worries about time running out. They have various programs to keep you in touch with the family, friends and employers. Again, I can't say enough about this company. I highly recommend to any world traveler. Not only you have an international number but a stateside number. GREAT PRODUCT. Amazon hit one out of the ballpark with this vendor!!!!!!!!
Calls sound crisp and Customer service is super quick, April 14, 2011
By SepTen1969 (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
I purchased a Sim card from before I had to make a trip to Australia for business, and New Zealand for some pleasure. The card was quickly delivered to me, and I had clear service throughout my travels.

When I reached the Queenstown area in the South Island of New Zealand, I had a bit of trouble with the settings for the phone. I sent them an email and within a matter of a couple hours I had a detailed explanation of how to fix the settings. Recharging the card was a cinch, and also saves time and money, when you only have one card for everywhere you go.

My next business trip is to Hong Kong, where I can certainly expect my existing card to work. 
Great Service and Works Well, April 13, 2011
By Anthony Talbert (Odessa, Texas, United States)
I bought this card to use with a tri-band Motorola phone that I already had and for my daughter and son-in-law to take to Costa Rica on their honeymoon. The cost to use their ATT iPhone was about 5 times the per minute charge of this card. I had a SIM card for the Motorola that I was paying about $100 per year for and had a higher rate per minute charge. At the Amazon price for this SIM card I figured I didn't have much to lose and so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did.

I have been very impressed with the service received from this company. Since my daughter initially had problems connecting to cell service in Costa Rica (not due to the card), I emailed customer service on a Monday morning to check on their service in C.R. and had a response back within about an hour! Now that's customer service!

The card worked as advertised and for the advertised cost. We did notice that there seemed to be a slight "lag" as compared to our usual cell phones but this was something we quickly got used to and may not be present in other countries. The call quality was crystal clear.

Making calls is slightly different from usual in that after dialing the number you hang up and wait for a call back. This presents no real problem, just getting used to.

Having both a UK and US phone number is quite handy and the card can receive calls to either of the numbers no matter where you are.

All in all I am quite satisfied with this card, particularly the superb customer support.

Now to find the time (and money) to go back to Italy!

Addendum: When I went back and checked the emails the reply from the company was actually within seven minutes! I hadn't checked my email that soon.
Cheapest global/travel SIM cards revealed: special report, January 12, 2011
By Dan Warne Australian Business Traveler (Australia)
Review: SimCardGlobal Atlas +44

USA: Free to receive calls; US$0.57/min (58c) to make calls within the USA, or US$0.47/min (48c) to call back to Australia. This makes it by far the cheapest SIM card we looked at for use in the USA. The fact that you can receive calls free of charge is extraordinary, considering Americans using local carriers even have to pay to receive calls there. USA is a costly country for traditional global roaming, too — Optus charges $3.50 per minute to call back to Australia, for example.

New Zealand: US$0.29/min (29c) to receive calls in NZ; US$0.61/min (61c) to make calls within NZ, US$0.62/min (62c) to call back to Australia. The cheapest of all the SIM cards we looked at for use in NZ.
Read the full article at Australian Business Traveler web site:
Excellent service & reliability- went out of their way to help me, November 30, 2010
By Diane (United States)
I recently traveled through some European countries on business. Found them online, and decided to purchase their SIM Card because of the low rates they offered. I went through 3 countries (UK, Spain, and Germany) and never had any trouble with incoming calls, outgoing calls, or even sending SMS texts to my friends back home. It was especially easy as I didn't have to change SIM cards when traveling between these countries, and setting the phone to switch between networks in countries was a cinch.

Customer Service was an even greater experience- they patiently listened and answered all my questions about using the card with my phone, let me know when my credit was running low, and added money to the phone within an hour after I paid for extra airtime.

Overall a fantastic user experience, and further proof that you can find great products and services by searching the internet.
Great trip to Italy, November 21, 2010
By Shalhevet Reinman (Tel Aviv, Israel)

I used the sim card provided by SimCardGlobal while on a one week trip in Italy. The card worked as soon as we landed in Verona, and all throughout the places we visited in Italy, such as Florence, Venice, and Lake Garda in Northern Italy. The card automatically enabled the phone to connect to local Italian telecommunication networks.

Overall use of the sim card was easy and comfortable. I put it in my regular phone, switched a simple setting and I was up and ready to go. I was able to send SMS messages to other phones in Italy and other countries, the call quality was excellent, and the service was inexpensive. The only con was that I was not able to setup the phone properly to receive incoming SMS texts.

Will be sure to use SimCardGlobal on my next trip. 

Thanks so much!!!, October 25, 2010
By Jordan Weizman (Melbourne, Australia)
The international SIM card was great and it SAVED ME SO MUCH MONEY. I don't usually travel with a phone, but when I traveled to South America and visited Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru I was able to speak with my family and organize tours whenever I wanted at great rates. I don’t know why, but international calls to Australia (from a land line) are very expensive from many of those countries. The best part was that I didn't have to spend time buying a new local SIM card in each country. I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling overseas. bon voyage!

Great service overseas, June 17, 2010
By R. Haas (California, United States)
I bought the SIM Card to use in my trip to Europe. I was in a Cruise in the Baltic Sea and I was able to make calls from England, Denmark, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Finland, Sweden without any problem, even I used my phone when we were cruising in the sea in our way back to England, near to the Denmark coast. In Estonia I had a little problem with the service, but I sent an e-mail to the costumer service and in minutes they replied with the solutions. I high recommend the Sim Card Global Atlas +44 if you need a good phone services while you are abroad.

Lange Family - 2010 World Trip, May 8, 2010
By Lange family (San Diego, California, United States)
We purchased an international SIM card for US$73 including $25 airtime from that provided the best deal for the countries we wanted to go to with free incoming SMS, free voice mail and the following fees (IN/OUT $US Cents): Costa Rica (free/43), Peru (143/189), French Polynesia (164/195), New Zealand (63/114), Australia (free/69), Japan (free/80) – but our phone won’t work in Japan, China (134/162), India (326/384), Philippines (82/134), Thailand (124/153), USA (free/52), France (10/52) and Germany (10/52).
List of international SIM cards to choose from:
From all the above International SIM card providers, the Lange Family, after intensive research for several weeks, chose SimCardGlobal as their world tour communication solution. Check it out at
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